Universal Roof Rake

Our newest invention is the ‘Universal Roof Rake’ which can be used with any broom handle or most pool skimmer poles. This adaptability makes it easy for anyone to use and easy to store.


Telescopic Roof Rake

Our telescopic roof rakes are made out of lightweight aluminum with a 24 inch aluminum diamond plate shovel.


Adaptable Roof Rake Head

The Original Aluminum Roof Rake Head. This Roof Rake Head is made of all aluminum and built to last. (ALL WELDED CONSTRUCTION) It is very lightweight and easy for anyone to handle, and with the 24″ Rake Blade, taking snow off of your roof is a breeze. This roof rake head adapts to your utility pole, or pool skimmer pole and is very durable. Overall our Roof Rake Head makes any box store brand seem cheesy. With its aluminum blade it is easy to tackle any weather conditions, EVEN ICE!!!! Invest and be prepared for this Winters Weather and do not be caught off-guard without the Adaptable Roof Rake Head.